My hearty congratulations to Vanessa as she presents the 21days exhibition. I was honoured as a curious witness to the incubation, development and successful completion of this creative, provocative yet intensely personal project. I am still overwhelmed by how Vanessa transformed the documentation of her hotel quarantine experience, which many of us can relate to, with her quirky, creative flair and aesthetics, into a true work of art. Self portrait is a wonderful tool for inward exploration of self identity, body, movement and emotion. During 21 days of confinement, loneliness and temporary loss of mobility, Vanessa not only overcame the challenge physically, but she flourished through rediscovering herself in the most direct and honest manner. Photography became the language of her inner-conversation. Through intimate interactions with her own emotions and the objects in her room, the journey offered reflections, revelations and reassurance, and she elegantly expressed her own voice, emotions and aesthetics in this series. It is a pleasure and a privilege following Vanessa's memorableand touching photo diary which is unique. 21 days is much more than just a number or a health requirement. The emotions, experience and artistic narrative in the images canonly be appreciated by our hearts. Sincere congratulations to Vanessa for bringing us this incredible series which truly is a gift.


Douglas So
Founder and Director
F11 Foto Museum & f22 foto space

Hong Kong November 2021


Artist Statement – 21 days

I took photographs of myself every day to respond to a necessity.

To keep in memory this suspended episode of my life.

504 hours in room 2506 from 7 September to 28 September 2021.

I started to observe my body like a curious object.

Shooting surreal situations gave me pleasure, I lost track of time.

Nudity helps me to challenge the viewers.

I hope it makes you smile and feel slightly uncomfortable…


Shot with Leica CL courtesy of Douglas So